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Green Hills with Blue Sky

My Approach

With safety and containment, I offer the most effective and contemporary therapeutic tools to meet the unique needs of each individual client. These tools are informed by transformative advances in the field of psychology and apllied to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, relationship and work issues, grief, sleep difficulties, low self-esteem, creative blocks and health problems that result from life's past and present challenges.

My practice is known for results.  In the 22 years that I have practiced, those who are stuck in patterns and beliefs that limit them in relationships, work and health achieve a more empowered, joyful and truthful sense of self. Together we process the core blocks that prevent a more vital engagement in life and develop the mindful tools and strategies to achieve more satisfying ways of living.

Good, productive psychotherapy takes time and commitment but should not be endless.  I work at a pace that is productive but also respectful, realistic, appropriate and safe.