AF-EMDR & Healing Trauma

Attachment-Focused EMDR & Healing Trauma

The mind/body has an innate and healthy ability to process painful past experiences so we can learn from those experiences and grow. A trauma, however, is an event or series of events that overwhelm and disrupt this natural capacity. The result can be a constant state of living one's trauma instead of our lives. 

Trauma can occur as the result of a large, single event such as violence, natural disasters, accidents or a serious loss. Trauma can also be the legacy of more cumulative and pervasive early events such as child abuse which includes neglect or emotional abuse, medical procedures, bullying in school,etc. Both kinds of trauma assault our sense of safety in the world and hijack our self-worth and identity. Anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, relationship and career problems, creative blocks, phobias, nightmares, unexplainable fears and physical distress can be common expressions of trauma and cause suffering in our relationship to ourselves and others.

The goal of treatment is to carefully and safely process stuck traumatic memories and restore the mind/body to a more present, resilient and natural state of balance and perspective. Together we put the traumatic events into the past so you may gain the vitality and freedom to love, work and play.

To achieve these goals, Ms. Kaplan, who is  Senior Trainer/Faculty for the Parnell Institute integrates AF-EMDR and somatic therapies into a full and comprehensive therapy toolkit. 

EMDR is one of the most contemporary, effective and researched techniques in treating the emotional and physical effects of trauma and PTSD.  Somatic modalities specifically help the traumatically dysregulated nervous system to regulate and stabilize. 

She provides individual and group consultation to therapists seeking AF-EMDR Certification, Approved Consultancy and those completing their Parnell Institute Basic Training consultation hours. 



AF-EMDR BASIC TRAINING: PARTS 1 & 2 -- Transforming Trauma with AF-EMDR 

Part 1 & 2 - April 5 - 7,  2024 and April 26 - 28, 2024- 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (PACIFIC TIME)


Attachment Focused EMDR Basic Training Parts 1 & 2