“I have personally chosen and trained Constance Kaplan as one of the first Parnell Institute trainers to teach for my institute. Connie is an excellent trainer bringing her many years of experience with EMDR and our attachment-focused approach, as well as her talent as a presenter to her trainings. I’m certain you will benefit greatly from Connie’s wisdom, compassion and humor and learn to use AF-EMDR with a range of clients with skill and understanding.”Laurel Parnell, Ph.D.

VIRTUAL AF-EMDR TRAININGS - (taken from anonymous course evaluations)

“These honestly were the most enjoyable trainings I have experienced in my professional career. I applaud Constance and the entire staff. Connie is one of the most skilled trainers I have ever seen. Her expertise, professionalism, heart, attention to diversity issues, humor and authenticity was incredible.”

“It was an exceptional training, very well thought through, beautifully organized and professional. I feel really well prepared to use EMDR more and more in my practice and can’t wait to get more consultation to grow as an Attachment-Focused EMDR clinician. I am grateful for you, Connie. You are an exceptional presenter and I learned so much from you.”

“I can’t say enough about the 5-star quality of the entire training. I learned so much and loved how the protocols were not only explained clearly but demonstrated with case studies and in the videos. Even with the long hours in front of Zoom I left each day energized and excited and moving forward with EMDR.”

“This is truly the best of the best, and the most organized, informative, and useful training I’ve attended, and there have been many. Constance, your delivery, warmth, and knowledge are second to none. I learned so much and I will use it. The rest of the team is amazing too.”

“Constance Kaplan is an exceptional educator and trainer and warm human. Her capacity to teach 50 people via Zoom is unprecedented. I’m feeling very grateful for having taken the Parnell EMDR training with Constance.”

“Brilliantly taught. I learned so much.”

“Amazing and wonderful learning experience. I have learned about myself and want to continue to help others.”

“Thank you so much Connie. Your warmth, intelligent and wise guidance is so supportive and inspiring.”

“I have never been so thrilled at the end of a training than this one. I believe it’s going to change my practice and provide amazing support and resolution for some of my clients.”

“This training was extremely comprehensive, deepening my understanding and ability to practice EMDR. Connie’s lectures and case studies were outstanding. Her practicums were very effective and facilitation of them was fantastic.”

“Connie is an excellent facilitator and a masterful trainer. She is so knowledgeable and makes learning fun. Connie has a great sense of humor which really resonates with me.”



Connie is a wonderful trainer. I am in awe of how much information and understanding I received in these 2 weekend trainings. Connie’s way of bringing in knowledge and explanation with humor really makes this training enjoyable and interesting. Connie is a dynamic speaker and clearly has amazing training and teaching skills. Thank you, Connie.”
“The weekend was full of great information. I really appreciated Connie’s sense of humor and lightheartedness. She is accessible and compassionate and brings a great understanding of EMDR to the learning process.”
“Connie is incredible! Inspiring, informative and fun. She truly made the information come alive and kept me interested and attentive the whole time. She held the group with support and boundaries. Loved it all.”
This training exceeded my expectations. The entire staff was amazing and Connie presented the information in a captivating way. I feel lucky to have done this training and look forward to learning more”.
“Informative, easy to follow. Connie is a wonderful trainer.”
“What a great training – packed with so much information about the art and skill of EMDR and Attachment work.”
“So, supportive, patient, wise and funny. I love your sense of humor. I loved this training. Your energy and knowledge is amazing.”
“Thank you, Connie.  Loved your humor and humility and the team connection.”
“Awesome training. I thoroughly enjoyed the information and feel adequately prepared.”
“Loved the training! Thank you.”
“Excellent. Totally surpassed expectations which were already high.”
“Thank you for being so available. Your guidance is so heartfelt and feels so safe.”
“The training was perfect. Connie was very clear and the cases really helped me understand EMDR. I will tell my friends about the Parnell Institute and EMDR.”
“Connie is an excellent trainer.”
“Fantastic trainer. Connie was well versed in EMDR and explained things very clearly.”
“There were a few times Connie’s grace to the participants was exceptional. I really appreciate that great role modeling.”
“So supportive and attentive.”


“One of the finest workshops ever attended: Educational, Intelligent, Cohesive, Supportive, Nurturing, Warmth, Care, Relational!!”
“Constance is fabulous! She has great knowledge and was able to track everyone’s needs and questions.”
“Connie was an excellent trainer – thorough, articulate and enthusiastic. She was inclusive, had an excellent sense of humor and answered questions in a sensitive manner. Thank you!”
“Great, Informative. Explained the info very well and made it relatable. I learned a lot and felt supported through the training.”
“Connie is a wonderful, wise and enthusiastic trainer. Her professionalism matched her wonderful, engaging presentation which she delivered with care and compassion”
Connie is a fantastic teacher. She brings such rich experience to the training.”
Amazing, knowledgeable, humorous and well attuned to her audience.”
“I loved this weekend and feel like I’m learning with more confidence and grounding in EMDR. I look forward to continuing to use these tools in my practice.  Constance rocked it.”
“Fantastic – start to finish!”
 “Wonderful, patient, compassionate, great teacher.”
 “Amazing expert. Thank you!”
“Awesome experience of learning. U learned so much.”
“Connie exceeded my expectations as a trainer and facilitator. I learned so much. I felt supported and appropriately challenged. She held the room beautifully and clearly knows her stuff. The material was so helpful. Great training. Thank you.”
“I love her passion and dedication.”
Engaging energy, very knowledgeable.”
Loved it! Felt safe and learned a lot.”
Well presented, organized and supportive atmosphere.”
This weekend felt great. I appreciated Connie’s encouragement and help while we practiced. So supportive and positive.”
Very present, enthusiastic and involved. Also, very supportive and encouraging.”


Connie was excellent! Such a gem. I loved her case presentations. She has such a caring and warm demeanor. She’s very charismatic. I would love to take another class from her.”
“This is the best training I have ever taken.”
“Thank you so much for your warmth, professionalism, skills, unconditional acceptance, sense of humor, compassion and humanity.
“Awesome training. Connie is so skilled. So, impressed.”
“Warm, intelligent, wonderful trainer. Great time management. Would very happily take another course with Connie.”
“Amazing trainer. Learning experience best of my life.”
“Overall loved it. Clear, prepared, researched and so warm and considerate.”
“I love the personal connection and clinical knowledge.”
“Such a good experience. Learned a lot. Thank you.”
“Amazingly attentive and helpful, responsive and energized. Wonderful use of case examples.”
“I’m so excited about doing the is work. Constance has so much passion as well as expertise and both were transferred to us.”
“I learned so much from Connie and it’s so amazing to her style. I appreciate her warmth and flexibility.”
“I really appreciate the excellent training and your personal, practical interventions.”
“Warm, wonderful, intelligent, helpful.”
“Great teaching style. Does a good balance of answering questions and staying on topic.”
“I benefitted so much working with Connie. Her insight was exceptionally helpful. She swooped in at the right time and every single drop of her feedback was magical.”
“Amazing, informed, helpful and engaging.”
“Connie is powerful, sure and supportive.”
“Amazing training. Very inspirational.”
Connie is warm and personable and so heartfelt and thoughtful about this work.”
“Presenter was great! Real, kind. Knowledgeable.”


“Connie is an excellent teacher and trainer.  She is empowering, kind, respectful, compassionate, brilliant and beautiful.”
Connie is excellent, encouraging, altogether helpful and wonderful.”
Thank you for your passion to teach us with excellence and grace. You were a gift to all of us.”
Trainer was fantastic – super attuned to all of us which created the right atmosphere for feeling safe to do EMDR.”
Connie was energetic and sensitive in the best of ways to the demands of the training. I felt well supported and educated.”
I love the genuine compassion, insight and support.
The passion she has for this work is beautiful and inspiring.”
Connie was fabulous – very knowledgeable and professional.”
Loved her energy, passion, support and feedback.”
Wonderful training.
Connie gets straight A’s.”
 “Excellent and then some!”
Connie gave us a delightful learning experience.”
Loved the passion, insight and care. Thank you.”
“Extremely helpful, informative, applicable information.”
Constance – you are so energetic, exciting and enthusiastic about the concepts.”